Election Infection

Just  would not happen back then!!

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Exclusive: E-voting puts vote accuracy at risk in four key states

In four battleground states – Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado – glitches in electronic-voting machines could produce erroneous tallies that would be difficult to detect and potentially impossible to correct, a Monitor analysis finds.


Could e-voting machines in Election 2012 be hacked? Yes.
Security experts say a specific kind of electronic-voting machine is vulnerable to being hacked.




Ok so you thought I was just crazy?

Here is more problems for voting as we know it.

Our county desires to consolidate all precincts into a vote center :

We are discussing Vermillion 1 & 2 as a pilot program combining poll workers and equipment. Future Vote Center possibilities, Satellite Absentee sites and adding more voting equipment in other precincts. The Indiana General Assembly has passed a proposal to allow any Indiana county to use centralized vote centers instead of neighborhood polling precincts





Paper Ballot Please

Only thing on this page we can laugh about:

Election Infection

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Paper Ballots

Paper Ballots are the only way to vote and make it count!!


Don't be fooled into thinking a touch screen vote will be counted as a vote for your candidate! Ask for a Paper Ballot!!


Larry McCoy Sr.

Former "Republican Member of Vermillion County Election Board"

I resigned as of Apr. 3rd 2012 because I could no longer lie about the

acceptance of the Election Touch Screen Voting Machines!