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Portmaster T1/E1 synchronous office router

Secure, Reliable and Cost-Effective Internet Access.
Whether you are a growing business, a branch office, or a school, you want Internet access for your local area network. For the highest performance, greatest reliability, and tightest security, you need the PortMasterTM Synchronous Office Router ,

For maximum security, advanced firewall filtering lets you selectively control all incoming traffic to protect your network from intruders. the T1/E1 model for speeds up to 1.544/2.048 Mbps . It is one of the world’s most efficient and reliable remote access platform. Router set-up, configuration and management are easy and flexible


This equipment was removed from an operating ISP System. (

I will include as many cables as I can Find.

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PolyCom NetEngine 7200 Series

7 - 7216 Units

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US Robotics Total Control Enterprise Hub

12 Quad Modem Cards
1 Dual PRI Card
1 Netserver PRI Card
1 Network Managment Card
1 DC Power Supply

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Cisco 6100 Series Advanced DSL Multiplexer

32  2X ATU-C-CAP        # 800-04408-01 Cards

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Nortel Networks Bay Stack 350 - 24 T

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NPI Keystone 24 MG 1 Gigbyte UpLink

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2 Cisco 5248
Purchased as spare equipment.

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Only 2 are left!!

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Make an offer on all listed equipment !!!
Buyer will be responsible for shipping or pickup. (minus the -)

Larry McCoy Sr.

( (765) 665-3376

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