Primary City Election 2011


Below is something that all Clinton City voters should understand about the upcoming  primary election in the city of Clinton Indiana.!!!

Joining a political party :

 In the state of Indiana, regardless of what you have been told, you do not register as a member of a political party. You simply vote in the primary of the party you want to join!!! I have been told that you can also contribute to a candidate or political party and be recognized as a member of that party. I can not find this in the documents I have studied.

Primary Elections:

Even though we hold the party primary using the same poll workers on the same day in the same place, Primary elections sole propose is to pick a partyís candidates for the general election. I wish that we could hold our primary election on different days so people would not be confused as to which primary to vote in. I have told people for years that to vote in a political primary of another party is WRONG. If you donít think that is important consider this: Suppose that a party offers several candidates to run for sheriff (as has happened in this county many times) I as a republican believe that my candidate can surely beat one of the democratic candidates but not the other ones. If I and several people I have influenced, would simply vote in the democratic primary for the weak democratic candidate, then My unopposed (primary) candidate would have a cake walk in the general election since we republicans have picked the bad candidate for the democrats.

Sound like a problem only for the opposing political party not smart enough to KEEP the opposite party from voting in their primary? With that said, why would you vote in a primary that you considered the wrong party? Before you answer that question remember what a political party is defined as: LIKE MINDED PEOPLE TRYING TO GET CANDIDATES OF LIKE MIND ELECTED. If this were not so what keeps YOU from voting in another countryís election ? After all, they don't represent you as a citizen of this country. Sound far out ??, THINK ABOUT IT!!


Political workers** also need to understand that party affiliation is the only way that they can represent their side of the job. If you want to continue to work with the people that recommended you, then you must not vote in the other parties primary!!!


According to the paper work I have, only one Republican is running as a candidate in this primary. He is in the 4th city precinct. He is uncontested, as a Republican, in the Clinton City Common Council Member District 4.  James R. Bekkering (Jim Bekkering). I understand that Republican ballots will not be available in the other precincts, therefore if you vote in this primary and vote for any other candidate, you will become a democrat. This is not an advertisement for him or any other candidate. It is a warning that I feel needs to be explained and examined

** political workers include poll workers, some committee members, and other volunteer and paid positions

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